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Steve Townson

Steve Townson is ís professional host, an extreme angling expert with an unbridled knowledge of the Amazon Basin. Thanks to Steve\’s dedication and determination, Amazon-anglers clients from around the globe …….

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Steven Gauthier

Hello, my name is Steven (aka Fishfnatic) Gauthier. I was born September 24, 1971 at Mississauga Hospital and raised in the GTA by my loving parents Gerald and Diana Gauthier. My passion for fishing began at the tender age of……

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Cezar Spirala

got hooked the first time fishing at 6 yrs old and it was hook line and sinker from theat age on. At a young age it became a hobby and a passion and as I got older I fished in the real Canadian classic series for 1 yr. I also professionally fished…….

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Martin Ostrega

I’ve been fishing since the age of four; I was taught how to fish by Dad. Back then it was only a spinning set up, bobber, hook, and worm, fishing for pan fish and for bass. At the age of 12 I got into fly fishing and ever since then ….

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